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Cover Reveal of JULES from the series Reed Security by Author Giulia Lagomarsino

Julian swore he would always love her. He said he would never leave her. He's about to break that promise. If only she would listen. If only she would trust him. But how much crap can one man take? It's time to move on. Ivy wants Julian more than anything, but she's won't trust anyone with her secrets. Now it's too late. He doesn't want her, but she needs him more than ever. If only she could make him understand. If only she had told him sooner how she felt, but that train has left the station and her life is going to hell. She should have told him she loved him when she had the chance.

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Beauty and Rage by Natalie Bennett is LIVE!

An abomination came in the middle of the night. Death and destruction followed in his wake. The sun fell from the sky and has yet to return. Now trapped in a world where the savage and corrupt rule, my life has been compromised. He stole my crown with bloodstained hands and claimed me as his queen. Reyes Straykova is seductively cruel. Volatile and ruthless, a vicious beast. His sinister game has just begun. Bow to the king and watch chaos reign.