About Me

About Me

Welcome to Confessions Of A Bibliophile! 💜


Hi, I’m Heather, thanks for stopping by! I’m 30 years old, a wife & a mom & I am truly a bibliophile. I read a variety of genres & I read a LOT! My job as a bridge tender leaves me with quite a bit of free time, especially during the winter months and reading fills that time! Lately, I have been receiving ARC’s from some of my favorite authors to give my honest review. I post reviews on Goodreads as well as Amazon so I thought maybe I should give this blog thing a shot too 😉

Take Me To Neverland

WARNING: I should probably tell you now that this will NOT be a PG-13 blog! I curse…a lot, some of my favorite genres are dark and twisted… I read & review books that are mostly suggested for adult readers so if you are good with that then please, read on & follow me to stay in touch! You’ve been warned! Till then, I hope my reviews help! ❤

-Heather Lynn

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Hope to see you there!


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