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Review of Perdition By Jennifer Michael


By: Jennifer Michael




In the eyes of a young girl with a crush, the perfect man exists.
After the events of the last year, she isn’t young or naive anymore. A brutal attack has left nothing but extreme darkness inside her that not even the people who love her the most can mend. A bus ride and a chance encounter have her shadowed path crossing with someone who nurtures the wildness within her as evil ravages her soul and a journey of self-medicating begins. Sometimes, you have to rip apart and tear away at layers of heartbreak and anguish to find a semblance of peace within the future.
Falling into a headspace so dark that there is no coming back.
Sinking into choices so self-destructive that her body, heart, and soul might never heal.
Spiraling down until she becomes her own worst enemy, inflicting further pain.
Pure evil takes away everything that makes her who she is. Cold touches from the hands of strangers and comfort in the form of injecting numbness straight into her veins can’t help her escape. Forget teetering on the edge of the wreckage.
She’s welcoming, inviting, seeking.
Nothing is ever perfect, and the same can be said here.
This is Teagan Hensley’s story.
Perdition deals with heavy topics of violence and emotional distress. The graphic scenes and the followup are intense and dark. Caution is strongly advised for those sensitive to physical and sexual violence, drug use, and depression. Strong language is also used throughout the story. You’ve been advised.




My Review


Perdition is Book 3 of the Love Unauthorized Series and let me tell you if you thought the first two books were gut-wrenching…you haven’t seen anything until you read Perdition!

I’ll start by saying there is a WARNING for a reason, there will be plenty of triggers for people who are sensitive to certain subjects including sex, drugs, addiction, rape, & abuse.  You’ve been warned.

I could literally feel everything Teagan went through, watching her battle her demons is truly heartbreaking. Jennifer Michaels writing is just that darn good that not only could I visualize, but I could also feel Teagan’s pain.

Teagan, gosh this girl has been through the wringer! If you have read Vengeance in Bloom then you already know some of it, I’ll just say this is her story AFTER the Farmhouse….I’m really trying not to give spoilers to ANY of the books just in case someone hasn’t read the series.

Kai, I love, love, love seeing an alpha that screams he’s in love. Even though Teagan might have been blind, I saw it screaming from the pages! If it wasn’t for Kai, I don’t know if Teagan would have been able to beat her demons.

Perdition is written in dual POV as well as from the past and present tense, the storyline flowed very well though and it was easy to follow along. Whereas some get confusing when they are skipping back and forth, I didn’t have have any problems with this book.

The ending…**sigh**, you need to check this book/series out! You won’t regret it.

Jennifer has become one of my favorite authors! This series, I still haven’t gotten enough of it and I can’t wait to see what else she has coming!




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About The Author:

Author Jennifer Michael

As a child, Jennifer Michael dreamed of being an author. Life and adulting pushed that dream down to a mere fantasy. Then, as a reader, she found the indie romance world, and the dream that had been long ago deemed unattainable became a reality.

Writing fulfills pieces of Jennifer she lost. She writes stories that range from sweet and sultry to dark and daring. Behind her computer, she’s constantly dreaming up where she’ll go next, not wanting to be put in a specific romance genre box. Pushing limits and striving to conquer wherever the characters take her is the ultimate methods to her madness.

Jennifer resides in southwest Florida where she wishes she spent much more time at the beach. She’s an avid reader of gritty books with deep emotion or dark, twisty plots and fond of more than a few guilty-pleasure television shows. She gets sucked into the world of characters from all mediums.



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