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No Feelings Involved by Siobhan Davis is AVAILABLE NOW!

“You look totally fuckable in that costume,” I whisper in her ear. “I want you to wear it later when you’re riding me.” “Do you think that’s why Gabby and Slater have so many costumes upstairs? Do they play superhero in the bedroom?” she whispers, waggling her brows suggestively as my stomach sours.

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RELEASE TOUR: From the Reed Security Series, Sniper by Giulia Lagomarsino

Morgan James is searching for her missing daughter, Payton. After months of a dead end investigation, she takes matters into her own hands. Working as a stripper, she's looking for a man named 'The Broker'. He either has the information she needs or he's the one behind the devious plot. She'll do anything to get her daughter back, but in this tangled web of lies and manipulations, who can she trust?

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COVER REVEAL + EXCERPT- Scandalous Series Book #3 Temptation by Ady Anes

This is Jaxon Wright’s story. Popular senior in college. Math major. Rowing captain. Beloved man-whore... Temptation incarnate. Jaxon was king of the campus until Carina Lobos walked into his life and knocked him down a peg... or two. A year later and a lot has changed. Carina is a prominent figure in his life although their relationship is nothing like anyone expected. He’s lost his pack of hyena friends; they aren't taking it well. Meanwhile, someone new has joined their close-knit group and she may change everything.

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MINE TO PROTECT by Kennedy L. Mitchell is AVAILABLE NOW! Check out a SEXY excerpt from the book here and be sure to grab your copy today!

With their focus diverted the threat zeroes in, catching everyone off guard. Figuring out the players in the killer's cat and mouse game is key to Alta’s survival. Cas swore he would protect her but with the clues carefully hidden, can he figure it out before Alta disappears for good?

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Mine To Protect by Kennedy L. Mitchell coming April. 8th, check out this excerpt!

“Stay away from me, Lady.” Her eyes met mine, daring her to push back. “What? I didn’t mean—” “I’m not the man you think I am. I’m an asshole with more control issues than they can diagnose. I’m not a nice guy.” “But I’m safe,” she whispered in a voice so fragile, it chipped at my resolve to stay away for her sake. Fuck, that weak voice cracked every restraint I had. All she wanted to be was safe, and that was the one thing I could offer. “No one—I repeat, no one will touch you while I’m here. That is a fact you shouldn’t question.” Her tight shoulders dropped, her lips parted in a relieved sigh. There was trust there, trust I hadn’t earned yet, but still she gave it—to me, a nobody. Fuck it.

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New author I.A. Dice just released Broken Rules and I am SOO glad I took a chance on this one! Check out my review & get your copy here!

"Five minutes of conversation with Layla and I wanted to talk to her for hours. One kiss and I wanted to kiss her every day. One missed call made her the only thing on my mind. I wanted her for myself. I wanted to get to know her, make her smile, and find out whether our relationship had a best before date. Who cared we meet three days ago? If I didn't get bored yet, then it meant she was extraordinary."

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The Feel Good Factor by Lauren Blakely is available now and it is HOT! Check out this excerpt & grab your copy now!

He cups the fruit in his palm, then brings it near my chest. I draw a quick breath, then flick my hair off my shoulders. “By the way,” he says, “I like your hair up, but I fucking love it down.” Dead. I am dead from desire. Before I can reply—I’m honestly not sure I can form intelligible words—he rubs his other hand over the rind. “See, you want to find the one that’s ripe and”—he pauses and turns his face to meet my gaze, his dark eyes holding mine—“ready to eat.” A shudder hijacks my body. “Is that so?” I don’t need a tutorial in picking avocados. Please. I know how to pick them just fine. But I want his lesson. Want to hear his voice. Watch those hands move. Feel him slide closer. “It’ll feel slightly soft, and it’ll yield to just the right amount of gentle pressure.” And that pressure builds between my legs, an insistent throb. “How do you tell if it’s enough pressure?” He pushes a thumb against the flesh of the fruit, making a husky hum low in his throat. “Just like that. See how it responds?” “How’s it responding?” He turns, angling his body nearer to me, his dark eyes shining with desire as he roams them over my face, my hair, my breasts. “Just the way I like it.”

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Confession Of A Bibliophile’s exclusive excerpt from Hearts and Bruises by debut author A.M Brooks!

With love comes pain. And with pain comes scars. Believe me, I have had my share of it all. After my mother’s death, my father couldn’t deal. So once again, we’re moving. To a town full of lies, darkness, and corruption. All masked in sunshine and money. But then I meet him… My biggest mistake. My biggest temptation. A royal pain-in-the-ass. And Darrian King is no prince. He’s controlling, aggressive, and downright wrong for me. But what he dishes out, I give right back. After all, love hurts. And so do we.