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A Hurt So Sweet by Betti Rosewood is LIVE! Check out my review and grab your copy of this dark and devious N/A romance TODAY!

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Elite of Eden Falls Prep Series Book #1

A Hurt So Sweet 

By: Betti Rosewood

Genre: Dark Bully Romance, YA/NA

Release Date: September. 15, 2019

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If you can’t beat the rich boys…
F*ck them.

Lily Anna Oakes and I share everything.

We have the same billion-dollar name, the same designer clothes, and the same messed-up problems.

But Lily Anna and I will never meet. She died years ago.

This town broke her. I’ll burn it to the ground before I let that happen to me.

In Eden Falls, I’m forced to attend a school for the elite. The Firstborns own this place and they think they own me, too. It’s not long before Dexter, Caspian, Lai, and Julian become the bane of my existence.

There are only two people I’m afraid of – my strict father, and my malevolent fiancé. Unfortunately for me, my husband-to-be is one of the Firstborns ruining my life.

Dexter Booth and I will marry on my birthday to secure our families’ bond.

Every woman in this damn town wants to be Dexter’s toy. Except me.

Dex and his Eden Falls Prep cronies have forced me to give up my body. I know my betrothed wants my mind next.

I play along… But soon, I’ll leave the beautiful jerk behind without the thing he wants most from me.

His heir.

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My Review

Confessions 4 Stars

“Dexter Booth isn’t the kind of boy who gets bored of his toys. He’s the kind of monster who breaks them on purpose.”

A Hurt So Sweet, Book One in the Elite of Eden Falls Prep Series by Betti Rosewood is finally here! Now, THIS is what I call a bully romance! This was my second read from Rosewood, and I am thoroughly impressed! My first read was Boys That Tease which was a ‘bully romance’… (see my review here) and well, that one fell kind of short for me. Sooo when I saw that she was releasing another one, I figured I would give her another shot! I am sooo glad that I did, this one is a hell of a lot more darker, and a whole lot more twisted! I was completely enthralled, could NOT put it down! I HAD to know what kind of crazy shit these boys were going to do to Pandora next! Told in dual POV but mostly from the heroine, the anti… I can’t even call him an anti-hero, so I’ll say the main male villain, gets a couple chapters of his own though.

While there are NO rape scenes, there are some scenes that some readers may find upsetting… forced sexual situations, dubious consent, extreme bullying, abuse… A Hurt So Sweet is a dark and twisted read and it’s not for the faint of heart.

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Pandora Amberly was abruptly taken from the only world she’s ever known and taken to her so-called “biological family” where she had only briefly met them before she was being shipped off too boarding school. Now, after four long years, Pandora is back in Eden Falls at the Oakes Estate. Where everything looks perfect on the outside but is far, far from it on the inside.

“It’s this town, toy. It fucks us all up.”

Pandora is now expected to step in and take the place of Lily Anna in the Oakes world. The former Lily Anna threw herself off the Oakes Estates cliff when she found out that she was not a biological Oakes and was being “traded” back with her biological parents, the family Pandora grew up with. Now, she is expected to live the life that Lily Anna left behind, even going as far as marrying the Firstborn that Lily was engaged to marry.

Firstborns are treated like royalty in Eden Falls and although Pandora IS a firstborn, she’s certainly not treated like one. She’s an outsider and even if she wasn’t, firstborn girls don’t have nearly as much power as the boys UNTIL she marries, and ONLY if she has remained a virgin until her wedding night.

A Hurt So Sweet Teaser 3

Pandora must marry and produce an heir to Dexter Booth to join the two founding families together. All the First Born’s are powerful, but Dexter… Dexter Booth has even more power then Emilian Oakes (Pandora’s bio-dad) himself, which is why Emilian is determined to see this engagement off without a hitch. That hitch being Pandora’s resistance. Emilian tries to keep her in check with threats against the only family she’s ever known, so she does what she has to do and grins and bears it.

These boys, this town, and even her own biological family are determined to break her but Pandora isn’t easy to break. Despite everything they put her through Pandora is still defiant and strong-willed. But Dexter… he’s determined.

“I’ll be damned if they’ll break me. I’m not like the girl before. I’m nothing like Lily Anna at all.”

After the death of his parents, right before his 18th birthday Dexter has assumed responsibility of more than any 18-year-old normally would or should. When the love of his life commits suicide, and a new girl is brought in to “replace” her Dex is left feeling resentful. But as much as he hates the new girl, he finds that he can’t get her off his mind either. He’s intrigued by this plain girl who has come out of nowhere… But not enough not to make her life a living hell.

 “I shouldn’t be thinking about the new girl. I have too many other things to worry about, yet my mind is constantly circling around her, wondering how to push her buttons, needing to get a rise out of her. she’s so goddamn pretty when she cries, it would be a shame not to make her.”

Want more of life in Eden Falls?! 

Check out A Hurt So Sweet!

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When I read the blurb I just knew I HAD to give this author another go. I LOVE bully romances, and whereas the last “bully romance” I read from this author fell short for me, A Hurt So Sweet made up for it tenfold, and exceeded my expectations! BRAV-FUCKIN-O Betti, my apologies for ever doubting you. The more the story unraveled, the more questions there were. Just when I thought I was figuring it out, BOOM, another secret and I was back to square one with NO FREAKIN CLUE on what was going to happen next. As totally screwed up as this story is, I couldn’t get enough of Dexter and Pandora. All the sexual tension, the absolute hate, the lust… SHEESH!

“I can do whatever the hell I want to you and you’ll keep coming back for more. You really are a glutton for punishment, Pandora.”

A Hurt So Sweet Teaser

Pandora I really wanted to like. I’m still rooting for her because come on let’s face it, Pandora was treated brutally throughout this whole book, like seriously some of the shit made my stomach turn. BUT, I just felt like she caved wayyy to easy, and wayyy too often. She would have these intense thoughts about standing up for herself and getting revenge etc, and I’m cheering her on like “yea girl kick their asses, beat them at their own games!” But then she’d get jealous when Dex was around other females, and although she “said” she didn’t want him touching her, etc, as soon as he put his hands on her she was begging for more of what he was giving… It’s like her mind tells her one thing but her body, her body is what is in control of her when Dex walks into the room. But what really causes me to feel the most sympathy for Pandora is her father, Emilian. He is an EXTREMELY vile man and I think we are going to see a lot more nastiness coming from him…

Dexter ‘Dex” Booth… or who I like to refer to as Dexter The Despicable, Despicable Dexter (whichever you prefer 😉) what can I say about Dex. Typical, arrogant, entitled, DOUCHE CANOE! I know there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Dex but fuckkk… he is ALMOST irredeemable and with the way that cliffhanger was left… well let’s just hope he doesn’t cross that line that in my eyes he won’t be able to come back from. Antagonist can’t get much meaner then Dex is to Pandora. He derives pleasure in torturing her and disrespecting her in front of the other firstborns and all their friends. Worse yet, no one even cares when he does.

“I keep waiting for her. Keep glancing at the stairs to steal a glance of the toy that has stolen my thoughts and refuses to let go.”

A Hurt So Sweet Teaser 11

The steam… HOLY CRAP! Pandora puts on a good front like she doesn’t want their hands on her but honestly, she enjoys everything these boys were doing to her, and she continued to come back for more! 🔥🔥🔥

“Every fucking time you forget who owns you, I’m going to come back and make you do that again. And I’m going to drink from your pussy like a goddamn tap until you have nothing left to give.”

Speaking of, there are quite a few secondary characters that are all pretty damn intriguing in their own right and I am hoping to see much more of each and every one of them.

OK, now here is the tricky part. Although I did really enjoy this one, there were a few things that played a part in lowering my rating, and why it just wasn’t quite a 5-star read for me…

For starters, there were quite a few things that unless you are a member of Betti’s Readers Group, I would have had no idea about because they aren’t explained in the book at all, so for those who aren’t a member, it’s pretty much left for you to just guess on how things came about the way they are. Then, the character contradictions. For example, in one scene Dex doesn’t want anyone else to see her… whoo-ha… but then at a later scene, he basically says whatever, do to her as you wish just to keep her a virgin? Whattt?!

Now, although there is a TON of things that are riding the line of “too far” with this one, I’m a dark read lover so I can deal (nothing is really “too far” for me…) BUT on that note, what I really DESPISE in books, and what dropped my rating VERY quickly, was the “lesson” with Audra. FUCKKK THAT! I didn’t care that he was messing around with her at the beginning and all that but UMMM, YEA NO! Not once things started to heat up and all that between him and Pandora. We know he’s a complete asshole but that, THAT put me wayyy off and now I’m left feeling like I have no freakin clue how this author is going to pull off redeeming him. No clue at all.

However, IF she’s able to pull it off, then BRAV-FUCKIN-O. But again, that’s a REALLY big IF so we shall see…

A Hurt So Sweet Teaser 13

I am just now hearing that apparently, Rosewood wrote under a different pen name and that those novels were more of the dark and delightful type that I enjoy. So maybe I need to check into those a bit more… after reading AHSS I am most definitely open to reading more of her work for sure!

I am left with SOOO many questions, and I’m just sitting here still stupified because I have no idea WHEN or IF we will get the answers! Like, WHY after all these years did this DNA test happen to prove that Lily Anna was not Emilia’s child and that Pandora was, how the hell did that even happen they are almost 18 years old? Where is Pandora’s biological mother? What is going on with Minnie and Emilia?! Because I feel like it’s more than just an old sick f**ker getting his rocks off (but that too!) And last but not least, WHO IN THE HELL IS IN THAT ROOM AT BAXTER’S?!

A Hurt So Sweet Teaser 10

THAT FUCKING ENDING!!?? OMFG… I can’t even… my jaw literally dropped when I turned the page and realized there were no more words. Huge, huge, HUGEEEE CLIFFHANGER!

Get ready for a whole bunch of mindfuckery and just try to keep up, I suggest a note pad and a pencil to write down notes! 😂 A Hurt So Sweet is deliciously dark, twisted, angsty, and an absolute MUST READ, and this is only the beginning! It has completely changed my opinion of this author and I will most DEFINITELY be reading Book Two!

“My little toy is sobbing now, the precious cries interspersed with moans of a hurt so sweet it makes me want to ruin her.”


Confessions Of A Bibliophile Overall Ratings:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ YA/NA, dark bully/enemies to lovers romance fans would LOVE this one! There were a few things issues for me with this one which is why I gave 4 instead of 5 stars but for the most part, this story was right up my dark alley! Most definitely a page-turner! If you have very few limits, I definitely suggest checking out A Hurt So Sweet!

🔥🔥🔥🔥 This one most definitely has some steam! Some of the “steam” may be a little too far for some readers but for those of us who favor the dark and depraved, it’s perfectly dark and devious!

🌪🌪🌪🌪🌪 Cliffhanger Warning: FIVE CLIFFHANGER TORNADOS!!! Seriously, I mean… jaw-dropping, “no in the hell she didn’t” type of cliffhanger!


A Hurt So Sweet Teaser 2



“Where should we start?” Dexter taps his chin thoughtfully, and I hate him even more intensely for drawing out the inevitable.

“Just get it over with,” I bark at him. “Whatever you’re going to do to me, just get it the fuck over it. And don’t think you’re going to break me. That’s never going to happen.”
“Okay, let’s get this party started. Toy’s request.”

Dexter smirks at me before nodding at Lai. “Hold her arms up. Above her head.”

His errand boy advances on me, and my back hits the tiled wall in the showers as I realize I have nowhere else to run. The cold water is hitting me from all angles in the shower now, and both Lai and I are getting drenched. But neither of the boys seem to care. There’s a certain hungry glint in their eyes that sends waves of fear rushing through my body.

Lai grabs me by the wrists, making me gasp out loud. He pins my arms above my head, firmly holding me in place as he smirks at me. I struggle against him, but I’m powerless against his strong grip.

Once again, I know I’m going to have bruises when they’re done with me. What’s wrong with these people? Why are they so intent on causing me pain?

I feel Dexter’s eyes drinking me in, lingering on the now soaked-through bodysuit I’m still wearing. I become painfully aware of my puffed-up nipples, and I know my shirt is probably see-through by now. But I don’t give him the pleasure of crying out in frustration. Instead, I return his gaze, focusing my eyes on him, almost daring him to say something. And he doesn’t hesitate, laughing in my face before addressing Lai again.

“Don’t you think she looks pretty like this?” he asks the taller boy, who laughs in response. “So helpless. So powerless. I love it when she struggles.”

“Me too.” Lai’s words leave his lips in a low growl and I flush a dark red shade as they regard me. “How soon do you think she’ll start begging us to let her go?”

“Let’s see.” Dexter taps a finger against his chin, inspecting me with a gaze that doesn’t miss a single movement I make. “Would you like us to let you go, little toy?”

“Fuck you,” I snarl in response. “I’ll never give you what you want.”


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About The Author

Betti Rosewood

Betti Rosewood Image.jpgBetti Rosewood is a romance junkie and cat enthusiast in her late twenties. She lives in a picturesque European country with her partner, 2 rowdy cats, and a friendly Labrador Retriever. When not writing damaged alphas, she can most likely be found binging TV shows and movies, and always jotting down new book ideas.

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