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Covetous by Natalie Bennett is LIVE! Check out my review and grab your copy TODAY!

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By: Natalie Bennett

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Dark Romance, NA/YA

Release Date: September. 30, 2019

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Warnings come with everything forbidden.

Consequences follow every sordid action.

An illicit affair results in me becoming captive to the one man I dared to trust.

Pierce Serban had always been off-limits.

Cruel and dangerous, I knew to stay away.

I didn’t.

Now a pawn in a game played by devils in suits, I must standby as his carefully controlled chaos unravels, and do all I can to survive the wreckage.

My Review


Covetous by Natalie Bennett is a standalone from the Old Money Roulette series previously titled Sordid Mistress. Which actually happens to be the ONLY books I haven’t read from Bennett but I plan to remedy that ASAP after getting my hands on Covetous. I NEED more of this crazy wicked world! With that said, I was able to follow along with the story completely and didn’t feel as if I was missing anything.

I LOVE Natalie Bennett A.K.A The Queen Of Darkness so as always, I jump on anything she releases. This one was a bit different then what I am used to from her BUT just as dark and suspenseful. This is going to be a very short review because I went into this one blind (I hadn’t even read the blurb yet!) and I am so glad that I did! Told in dual POV Covetous was NOT what I was expecting, it was better!

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“His cruelty knew no bounds, dressed up in riddles and slowly revealed truths. Pierce made the worst of sinners look like saints.”

Pierce Serban is the arrogant anti-hero of the story. There’s a dark aura surrounding Pierce that you just can’t get enough of. He is most definitely a master manipulator and he’s ALWAYS ten steps ahead of everyone else. He has sooo many secrets and likes to give his rebel, Willow, bread crumbs here and there just to toy with her but every single thing he does or says is always calculated. He’s ruthless and he’s cold and he gives zero fucks. He doesn’t sugar coat anything whether it hurts Willow’s feelings or anyone else’s for that matter he is unapologetically himself. Pierce is possessive and at times downright freakin CRAZY! I don’t know how I am STILL surprised by anything a character does in a Natalie Bennett book but yet again I was completely shocked and Pierce had me saying OMG, OMG, OMG during most of this book!

“Willow was toxic to a man like me, but it was too late to change anything now. I had to have her. I was going to keep her. I needed to break her. Then I could put her back together again.”

Willow is the heroine you can’t help but like. She’s been abused and used her entire life and she doesn’t even know the half of it. But she’s still feisty and strong-willed and gives Peirce hell. She’s such a strong character that she most definitely surprised me with the way she just adapted to her situation. Of course, in the beginning, she was pissed and tried to figure out ways to escape but unlike most heroines, she just rolled with it.

“You’re mouthy, stubborn, and constantly trying to piss me off. I don’t want to like you, Rebel, but I love the shit out of you and it pisses me off. Emotions make you weak. They fuck up your judgment and cause people to make rash decisions. This life isn’t one where I can afford to let that happen.”

The relationship between Pierce and Willow can’t be described any other way than absolutely downright fucking CRAZY! Their love story is unlike any I’ve read before, but it most definitely does not start off as a love story. It’s a slow burn at first from enemies to lovers but even when these two were enemies the relationship between them was intense and the chemistry was undeniable.

Covetous Teaser 1 (1)

“I still can’t figure out if the fire in you is sexy or dangerously reckless, whatever it is. I never want to put it out.”

The constant push and pull between them made me wanna break shit and the absolute craziness of how they initially came together still blows my mind. In no way did I see these two actually working out, especially after more and MORE secrets were revealed. But low and behold, Bennett is able to make us go from thinking these two are completely toxic towards each other and one of them is going to wind up dead because their relationship borderlines on obsession, to rooting for them to work it all out.

“Our situation wasn’t conventional. Fuck, it was toxic, and like an addict, I couldn’t fathom giving it up. I needed her to be here, always. She was the perfect fit for me. There was a thin line between love and obsession, and she’d had me walking it since she was seventeen years old. The worst of things were almost over, and when it was, I would spend the rest of my life trying to make it up to her.”

Honestly, this book was all over the place (in the best possible way) and left me not knowing what in the hell was going on half the time LOL I was just as confused as poor Willow most of the time. Covetous is one of those stories where every answer just brings on more questions… And I’m still not convinced we have all the answers. Filled with deceit, betrayal, and passionate chemistry Covetous keeps you right on the very edge of your seat as the secrets and lies continue to unravel.

“You’re right. It’s screwed up. We’re a perfectly fucked up mess.”

I highly recommend checking out Covetous. I am most definitely on my way to checking out the rest of the Old Money Roulette series!

“I can keep you forever, Rebel, and I intend to.”

Grab your copy of Covetous today!

Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2MHXv6r
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2L68Aw9
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2L1iFdu
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2L22ug8

About The Author

Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett is the creator of erotic stories that always come with a warning label. She writes about depraved alpha a**holes and women that love to hate them. Her books don’t follow any specific tropes, have no set word counts, and tend to deviate from author natalie bennett logotraditional HEA’s.

When she isn’t in front of her computer she’s spending time with her husband and their three little boys.

Natalie is an avid fan of caramel frappes, horror movies, Shameless, and of course, reading.




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