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Inhale, Exhale by C.L. Matthews is LIVE! Check out my review and grab your copy of this emotional angsty romance today!

Hollow Ridge #1

Inhale, Exhale

By: C.L Matthews

Genre: Contemporary, Emotional, Angsty, Romance

Release Date: August. 13, 2019

Inhale, Exhale Cover


“I do.”

Two words woven in love.

In sickness and in health.

For better or for worse.

Til death do us part.

And death dragged us apart.

We both said those vows.

But neither of us kept them.

This is not one of those happy stories.

Life isn’t made of simple choices
and happily ever afters.

It’s a dark place.

It’s not easy.

It’s full of mistakes and lessons.

It hurts.

And in the end, those two words said in love,
are the same ones said in hate.

“You want a divorce?”

“I do.”

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Inhale Exhale Teaser

💜💜💜 My Review 💜💜💜


“The words are as harsh as beautiful, as heartbreaking as kind, as loving as hateful.”

Inhale, Exhale Teaser 7Inhale, Exhale by C.L Matthews has chewed me up and spit me out. It has taken me DAYS after finishing reading this book to finally sit down and write this review. Inhale, Exhale is NOT a sunshine and roses type of romance, it’s raw and it’s real and worth every single tear that I shed while reading it. From the first page, till the last page, this book takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that I never wanted to get off of. Get the tissues ready guys, you are in for a whole lot of angst.

Inhale, Exhale will break your heart, but just hang on, it’ll mend it back together too.

Inhale, ExhaleThis heartbreakingly beautiful story is about true love, and being human. We are all flawed, some more so than others, but we all make mistakes. Inhale, Exhale shows the detrimental impact of some of those flaws and mistakes.

“But scars of the heart, the untouchable ones, the ones that ache deeper but are invisible, branded, tattooed, those are the ones you feel forever.”

These characters… you will love each of them at times and hate them at others. And even though you can’t help but hope that they will ALL get what they want… REAL life doesn’t work that way, and neither does this book.

Inhale Exhale Teaser

I’ve been in a situation similar to Loren. And even though my situation was very, VERY different, this one hit home for me. I literally had anxiety while reading and even though I wanted to get to the end sooo badly to find out how it concluded, I also wanted to read slowly and just savor every single emotion that is invoked.

Inhale, Exhale Teaser 4I am on an emotional book hangover and I honestly don’t know when I’ll be OK again you guys!

“This is real. This is us. And if you let it be, this is forever.”

Told in multiple POV’s and flashbacks between the past and the present there were so many twists and turns that it kept me guessing the whole way through. The ENTIRE time, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, or what I WANTED to see happen. Obviously, I was hoping for a HEA but WHAT and WHO that happily ever after would be for Lo… I just wasn’t sure. But in the same aspect, even though at first I was like NOOOO… now that I’ve had a couple of days to think on it, I am so glad it ended the way it did and with WHO.

Inhale, Exhale Teaser 6

But it wasn’t just the three main characters either, there was an awesome cast of secondary characters, including Lo’s teenage son, Ace. There were a couple of chapters that were from Ace’s POV and they broke my heart and I would, really, really like to see a story about him.

“Lifelessness could be the book of Ace Collins. The book of how love ruined me. The start and end of happiness. The start and end of me”

Inhale Exhale Teaser 5

If I didn’t already know then this book proved it for me, C.L. Matthews is a phenomenal author! When a writer can take several different very serious REAL LIFE issues and craft them in such a way that while reading, even though you KNOW that these characters are NOT real, the depth of the story and the characters leave you feeling as if you are RIGHT THERE with them.

Inhale, Exhale as joined my list of TOP READS OF 2019, I can’t recommend this one enough! If you let the cheating aspect stop you from reading this one, you will be missing out on something absolutely wonderful.

Inhale, Exhale Teaser 3

P.S – I just want to thank the author for NOT leaving this one off on a cliffhanger, I honest to god don’t think I could have handled that so THANK YOU, C.L. Matthews!

P.S.S – Umm, where is Passionflix?!?! This would be one hell of a movie!

“I’m going to love you now, Lo. Truly, insanely, and wholeheartedly”

Inhale, Exhale LIVE

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💜💜💜Author’s Note💜💜💜

Hello there.

I’m writing this for a very important reason. I know, I know, me being serious doesn’t come often.

But this is necessary for you to read this story.

Lo and Jase have a really hard story, it’s not something that’s dark, but rather deep. It strikes chords that you never knew you had. It has triggers you might not be aware of having yourself. It’s raw, meaningful, but it’s also not sugar-coated or handled with kid gloves.

This story will make you cry, or at least, everyone I’ve spoken with has cried over it. It shows you the battles of loss, depression, drug abuse, cheating, and other adult themes. It’s hard to stomach at times, but mostly it’s painful.

You watch the life of two people, and you see every little thing that caused what has happened. And it’s not the easiest pill to swallow.

I’m giving this warning in hopes you know your triggers, but also, so you’re aware you’re not battling this alone.

We are here for you.

If you need someone to talk you through the pain, we’re here.

And if you ever feel desolate, needing more than we can offer, I’m attaching the suicide hotline number. Because everyone has a voice, and if you need someone to listen, please call.


They’re available 24 hours a day.

💜💜💜About The Author💜💜💜

C.L. Matthews

C.L. Matthews resides in Utah, the state with the best snow on earth. She’s not a fan of the snow but loves her state just the same.

c.l.-matthews.jpgShe wants to riot the lack thereof authentic Mexican food in her state, but she’s an introvert at heart. She enjoys tacos, Red Bull, and warm water because she’s crazy. She’s an oddball and realizes it’s been mentioned before, just go with it.

She’s a swag maker, reader, and a fairly new author, it isn’t an easy task but she wants to succeed in many things.

Her joys in life consist of writing unconventional romances, making book covers, drinking coffee until she can’t consume any more, causing havoc to her reader’s hearts, genre-hopping when she needs a change of scenery and reading until she falls asleep with books in her lap.

She’s a special kind of weird and enjoys every moment of it.

C.L. Matthews got her happily ever after when she married her childhood best friend.

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