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TSN: Thou Shall Not Anthology by Michelle Brown, Ally Vance, Charity B., C.L. Matthews, C.M. Radcliff, H.B. Jasick, M.R. Leahy, & Murphy Wallace is LIVE! Check out my review of this DARK and DEPRAVED anthology!


A Dark Ten Commandments Anthology

By: Michelle Brown, Ally Vance, Charity B., C.L. Matthews, C.M. Radcliff, H.B. Jasick, M.R. Leahy, & Murphy Wallace

Genre: Dark & Depraved, Dark, Dark, Dark!!!

Release: July. 16, 2019

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The devil whispered in our ears. We listened. We obeyed. We sinned.

Shall we repent? Or shall we take you down with us?

Thou shall not have any other gods before me.
Thou shall not make yourself a carved image.
Thou shall not take the Lord’s name in vain.
Thou shall remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy.
Thou shall honor your mother and father.
Thou shall not murder.
Thou shall not commit adultery.
Thou shall not steal.
Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
Thou shall not covet your neighbor’s house.

*This is NOT a religious book. This is dark, depraved, and delicious and is intended for a mature audience 18+. The Ten Commandments as you’ve never seen them before…

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Thou Shall Not LIVE


4 1_2 Stars (1)

HOLY SHIT! There is nooo way I can accurately describe this one too you so let me just start with, THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS READ!


HOLY SHIT! I can’t say it enough… I finished this book HOURS ago and STILL, I have no idea how to put a review together!

There are 11 short stories in this anthology by eleven different authors. Each story was more depraved and darker than the one before! I was going to try and do individual reviews but really without giving too much away, I just couldn’t do it. Each one of these authors has taken a commandment and turned it into the darkest, twisted, gruesome, downright depraved story ever! I am BLOWN AWAY! Seriously, this was DARKKKK! I enjoyed every single one of the stories, although I had a couple of favorites, AND there were also a few that I would LOVEEE to see turned into a full-length story for sure!

All in all, all eleven stories were 4-5 star reads, so my rating is 4.5!

If you are a dark read lover and have literally NO “triggers” then this one is for us! If you have triggers to just about anything, I suggest leaving this one alone cause trust me, it’s gonna stomp ALL OVER those triggers!

Thou Shall Not Image

Grab your copy today!



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