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Snowfall: A Slashes In The Snow Prequel AND Slashes In The Snow by M.Never are available NOW, check out my review of BOTH of these sexy MC romances!

A Baum Squad Novella 0.5

A Slashes In The Snow Prequel


By: M. Never

Genre: Contemporary, Opposites Attract, MC Romance, Older Couple

Release Date: February. 28, 2019

Snowfall Cover


Gerard Parish has always known who he is.

A biker, a father, a gambling man.

But one chance encounter with a beautiful brunette at his auto body shop and everything changes.

The way he thinks, the way he looks at life, and most importantly who he wants to be. As Baum Squad president, Gerard holds responsibilities he can’t turn his back on, but when he’s with Kristen, all those responsibilities seem insignificant.

She’s a woman like none other, smart, sophisticated, sexy, rich. She’s a woman he never envisioned himself with but is somehow lucky enough to have.

Faced with an impossible choice, Gerard must come to terms with what he inevitably knows— he has to walk away.

The question is, from whom?

The club or Kristen?

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My Review

3 1_2 STARS

Snowfall by M. Never is the prequel to the Slashes In The Snow novel. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this one because I’m not a huge reader of “older couple’s” nor am I a fan of single-parent romances, BUT I wanted to read the prequel that starts the next book. Must say I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this one. Told in dual POV this was a great introduction into the world of the Baum Squad.

Snowfall Teaser 1Gerard “Gambit” Parish is a father, a mechanic, and a biker. He’s also the Prez of the Baum Squad. To say he’s a little rough around the edges would be an understatement.

So when a sexy woman brings in a 1995 Corvette with engine issues, he’s not just checking out the car. Gambit uses his smooth moves to talk her into letting him give her a ride home, and then a date after that.

Kristen Kendrick, owner, and creator of ‘Glam’, a high-class cosmetics business, is way too sophisticated for the likes of Gambit. But he wants her anyway.

They are from two very, very different worlds and there’s no way in hell Gambit could ever merge the two. Which leaves him with only one option, he has to choose.

Kristen, the woman he’s very quickly fallen in love with. Or his brothers in arms, those that have been loyal to him for years.

Who does Gambit choose?

Will Kristen even still want him once she finds out about his life?

You’ll have to read Snowfall to find out.

“I bleed with emotion when I’m with her, and there is no hiding the blood trail when I’m not.”

Snowfall Teaser

As I said before, I’m usually not a fan of this trope but I actually enjoyed Gambit and Kristen’s story. Maybe because MC romance IS a trope I enjoy and it had all those aspects as well.

As far as an introduction to the next book, Slashes In The Snow we get the back story on how these parents meet. We also see that it seems Gambit is mighty protective of Kristen’s daughter Keira. BUT it seems his son, Ky is well on his way to enjoying the MC life so I’m wondering how that’s all going to play out.

I feel like this one could have been a little better but because it IS a novella, there wasn’t enough time to develop the characters, as well as I, think they would have been had it been a full-length novel. BUT this is a prequel so I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing more of Kristen and Gambit in the upcoming Slashes In The Snow.

If you are looking for a sexy, insta-love, quick read, then I recommend giving this one a shot.

Have you read Snowfall yet?

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Amazon Universal – https://geni.us/ARyv4ac
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2Ikhe8S
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2ZvizPY
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2ZviV9g
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2XPDvjU

A Baum Squad Novel

Slashes In The Snow

By: M. Never

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Enemies To Lovers, Stepbrother Romance, MC Romance, Dark-ISH

Release Date: March. 3, 2019

Slashes In The Snow Cover


Three years ago my father walked away. Away from our MC club, all his responsibilities, and me. We haven’t spoken since the day he handed me the keys to the kingdom.

Shoved them down my throat was more like it.

I hate him, and the new family he’s playing house with. He left his entire life behind for a woman he barely knows. But I’m strong, resilient, and don’t need a damn soul to survive.
At least, that’s what I thought…until she walked into my bar.

Someone is watching me. I can feel it. I wake up in the middle of the night freaked out of my mind, paranoid a stranger is there. My skin prickles every time I leave my house, because I know someone is following me.
I’m afraid. Alone. And there’s only one person left to turn to.

The stepbrother I never met. The man my stepfather speaks so highly about, but never sees. He’s the president of a notorious motorcycle club, and exactly the kind of person I need to protect me.

Little did I know, Ky Parish, freakin’ hates my guts.

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My Review


Slashes in the Snow by M. Never is the first full-length novel of the Baum Squad series. Slashes In The Snow Teaser 1After reading Snowfall, the prequel novella to this book, I wasn’t sure where this was going. I absolutely adored Ky and Kira! I’m so glad that I read the prequel even though it wasn’t my cup of tea BUT if even if I hadn’t, I would have been able to keep along with the story with no problem. Told in dual POV we now are introduced to Kristen’s daughter Kira and Gambit’s son and predecessor of the club, Ky.

“Love is torture. A death sentence, and I’ve been convicted.”

After a whirlwind romance, Kira Kendrick’s mother Kristen marries a biker named Gerard. Kira ends up with a stepfather that she adores and a stepbrother whom she’s never even met.

But while Gambit and Kristen are in Paris, Kira starts feeling like she’s being watched. Stranger occurrences keep happening when she’s home alone and Kira is scared. So scared that she turns to the one person she’s never met, but the ONLY person she believes can help her.

But once she gets there, Kira realizes she may have made an even bigger mistake.

Slashes In The Snow Teaser 5

“A deity among men. An angel walking the earth. A woman as pure as the freshly fallen snow.”

Ky Parish hasn’t spoken to his father in over two years. Ever since he abandoned him AND the club for his new high-class wife, a woman he barely even knew. So when a girl with snow white hair walks into the MC’s bar, The Lion’s Den asking for Ky, imagine his surprise when it’s none other than the new wife’s daughter- Ky’s new stepsister. Ky wants nothing to do with the man that was once his hero that walked out on him, but there’s something about the girl he’s dubbed “Snow” that he just can’t shake.

Who is after Kira?

Can Ky put aside his differences and help Kira before it’s too late?

You’ll have to read Slashes In The Snow to find out!

“At one time, I was afraid to drown, but now I welcome the submergence. Because now I know, once I go under, I won’t be alone. Kira is there, and we’ll drift through the darkness together.

Slashes In The Snow Teaser

Now, THIS is more like it! I didn’t really care for the prequel ONLY because single parent, older couple romances aren’t my taste but THIS, Ky and Kira’s story was DEFINITELY right up my ally! The storyline was great and kept me guessing right up until the end, the characters were well developed and both were relatable, the build-up and tension between Ky and Kira, SHEW! Doesn’t get much hotter than that! The back and forth dialogue and banter between Ky and Kira was funny at times and smoking HOT at others! Those two loved to hate each other until hate wasn’t even in the picture anymore.

I love Kira, she’s been through a lot in her life but still remains a sweet girl who will stand up to Ky when push comes to shove. I really liked that we got a little more background into her and her moms past about just how bad things were before Gambit came into the picture. They may have money but Kira was far from the spoiled princess that Ky assumed she was.

“I’m the one who’s going to heal all your scars, guard your body, protect your heart, be a better man than I was the day before, and love you with everything I have. Everything I am.”

Ky, everyone thinks he’s an asshole but I just think he’s heartbroken. His dad was his hero, his best friend so when Gambit walked away from the club it tore Ky’s whole world apart. Ky is a pure alpha man, but with Kira, he’s different around her. She makes him want to be a better man and now he’s definitely understanding where his Dad was coming from and why he did what he did.

“Being with you isn’t hard. Forgiving him is what’s hard. Being reminded is what’s hard. Being with you is easy. It’s what I want.”

Slashes In The Snow Teaser 3The two of them together is pure sexual tension right from the very moment they lay eyes on each other for the very first time and it only worsens from there until it all explodes. Shew, the sexy scenes were the dirty talking change your panties, smoking hot kind of scenes!

Slashes In The Snow is most defiantly one of my favorite reads from M. Never’s, I don’t think anything she writes will ever top A.C.H.E but I really enjoyed this one! Who knows what’s next in the Baum Squad series, but I’m really hoping to see Ky and Kira again.

If you are looking for a sexy, suspenseful, MC romance, I HIGHLY recommend checking out Slashes In The Snow.

“Tears may fall, but strength can rise.”

Slashes In The Snow Teaser 4

Grab your copy of Slashes in the Snow now!

Amazon Universal: https://geni.us/MNSlashSnow
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2XXNljK
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2Ri6n1U
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2WI8Q6V
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2IjloxA

About The Author

M. Never

m.-never.jpgM. Never is a USA Today bestselling author of dark and contemporary romance.

Her females are fierce and her alphas are magnetizing, just like the romance she provokes between them. She casts a spell, weaving one wonderous word at a time.

A native of New Jersey, she is now a Maryland transplant juggling life the way one would juggle knives —carefully reckless.

She has a dependence on sushi, a fetish for boots, and is stalked by a clingy pit bull named Apache. Writing is her passion, but readers are her love.

Website|Facebook|Facebook Group|Instagram|Twitter|Goodreads|Bookbub|Amazon

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