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Revenge by Christine Besze is available NOW! Check out my review and grab your copy today!

Revenge Series Book #1


By: Christine Besze

Genre: Dark-ish Romance, Suspense, Crime

Release Date: June. 14, 2019

Revenge Christine Besze E-Cover (2)


Six years they stole from me.
Six years I’ve done my time.
Six years I’ve waited.
Six years I’ve heard her screams over and over.
No more.
It’s time to collect.
And it’s their blood that will be spilled.

Asher Savage spent his life protecting the innocent, taking monsters off the streets. He never thought he’d become one.
Charlee Vega was a pawn in a game she never knew she was playing. An innocent caught up in a war of greed and hate.
Revenge has fed his monster for years, but it comes at a price. Is it one he’s still willing to have her pay?
She’s a means to an end. A complication he never saw coming. And sometimes those are the most deadly of all.

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My Review


Revenge is the first standalone in the Revenge Series by Christine Besze. Christine is a new-to-me author but once I read the blurb I knew I HAD to read this! Revenge did NOT disappoint!! The plot is awesome, the twist, for the most part, is one I NEVER saw coming, and the romance and steam are SMOKING HOT! I’m not sure if there is a warning or not but if you are triggered by violence and some gore, then proceed with caution because this one is not a “light” read. Oh and the best part, NO CLIFFHANGER!

Detective Asher Savage is one of the good guys. Well, he was. Until he was framed for the murder of his wife Lauren and their unborn son. Asher is found guilty of manslaughter and is sentenced to serve 6 years in prison.

When Asher is finally released, he wants revenge. So with the help of his brothers, Axel and Zane, they formulate a plot against the mob boss, Diego Vega, that’s responsible for framing him. Asher will stop at absolutely NOTHING to avenge Lauren and his unborn son.

“Someone’s going to pay, but it won’t be me. Not this time. I have the devil’s daughter at my door and it’s time to play.”

Charlee Vega knows that her father is a bad man, but he’s her Dad. The “life” is not what she wants for herself and she’s doing everything she can to make sure once she graduates she won’t be involved in it anymore then she has to.

But a night out on the town with her best friend Kelsey and Kelsey’s new fling goes horribly wrong and Charlee is taken. When Charlee comes to she’s locked in a room with a man who wants to punish her father and will go to ANY lengths to do so.

Revenge TeaserCharlee is a means to an end for Asher. He’s not even sure how far he’s willing to take things when it comes to her, but the more time he spends with her the more he sees that she is NOTHING like he thought she would be and it’s not long before Asher, with a bit of help from his brothers, realizes that he’s falling for the feisty woman.

Charlee is supposed to HATE Asher, I mean he kidnapped her and is holding her hostage! But for some reason every time he’s near her body reacts. She hates it, but she can’t stop it and now she’s not even sure she wants to anymore.

“Things feel like they’re finally falling into place, but nothing is ever that easy.”

But when Charlee’s father turns up dead and Asher isn’t the one to kill him, the game changes. Now Asher is willing to do ANYTHING to keep Charlee safe because just maybe, Charlee is more than a means to an end… maybe she’s a new beginning…

Is there more to the story behind Asher’s framing?

Who is after Charlee?

Who killed Diego?

You’ll have to read Revenge to find out!

“You’re mine, Charlee. I’m not giving you up without a fight.”

Revenge by Christine Besze- Collage by Confessions Of A Bibliophile

Gahhh this book! I already knew I was going to like it just from the blurb but I had no idea it was going to be THAT good! Seriously, I can’t think of one thing that I didn’t like. The plot was suspenseful enough that you are hooked right from the very start, it’s thoroughly fleshed out enough that the characters ALL have enough depth to them that makes you want to know more and more about them.

Asher and Charlee made this book what it is BUT they couldn’t have done that without Kelsey, Axel, and Zane! I am so excited to read more about the brothers, and I most definitely can’t wait until Axel goes and gets his girl!

Asher, HOLY HOTNESS! Even out for revenge, from the very beginning, we know that Asher is STILL a good man and he did not kill his wife. Prison really messed him up, it’s not easy being locked in a cage with people that YOU put in there. If it wasn’t for his friend Carl he probably wouldn’t have survived.

“I’ve become pretty good at hiding the monster inside until he’s needed.”

Charlee, I love this heroine for being able to stand on her own two feet and want something MORE for herself than just being a mob bosses daughter. She’s feisty, mouthy, and kidnapped or not she doesn’t just sit back and make it easy on them! She fought her feelings for Asher as hard as she could because she knew that the situation wasn’t right but when ya know ya know.

“This bastard is sadly mistaken if he thinks for one minute that I’m going to behave like a good little toy and do whatever I’m told. I’m Charlee motherfucking Vega and I will bow to no one.”

The chemistry between these two literally sparks every time they get close and even though their relationship happened pretty quickly, I’m surprised either of them held out as long as they did LOL, seriously they are perfect for each other, he is exactly the kind of man she needs to start a new and better life, and she is the kind of woman that can help him heal from the past.

“Amongst the chaos around me, she’s become the very thing keeping me grounded.”

I loved Charlee and Asher’s relationship but what really sucked me in is the comradery between the three brothers. They had each others back, no matter the consequences, no matter what they were asked to do, they were there for one another. 

“We’re family. We hunt together. We die together. Like a motherfucking pack.”

That ending, although I was thinking one part, the other part was most definitely a surprise that I never saw coming! I won’t tell spoilers but SHEESH!!!! The epilogue, that was the sweetest everrrr! Gahhh, I hope to see more of Charlee and Asher in the future since I’m really hoping both brothers are going to get their own stories as well.

Honestly, I can’t say enough good things, it’s suspenseful, steamy, and will keep you guessing right up until the very end, Revenge is a 5-star read for me! I highly recommend checking this one out!

“He’s been my enemy, my nightmare, and now my salvation.”

Revenge is LIVE

Grab your copy of Revenge now!

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Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2F426K

About The Author

Christine Besze

christine-besze.jpgChristine Besze is a writer, reader, mother, wife, and lover of all things wine.

She lives in her own world of crazy most days because the voices inside her head hold some great conversation. When she does have to come back to reality and act like an actual grown-up, she spends her time with her handsome hubby Z, their two gorgeous gingers and their mini-herd of German Shepherds.

Born in sunny Southern California, she recently made the big leap with her family to the East Coast and couldn’t be happier. You’ll still find her in flip-flops—with a full glass of wine—all year round.

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