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Team Zero Book #2


By: Author Rina Kent

Genre: Mafia Romance/Romantic Suspense

Release Date: April. 11, 2019

Ghosted Cover Final


He was born a weapon. She became one to destroy him.
Dark. Dangerous. Deadly.
Those facts should’ve kept me away from this underground world where people
disappear and never return.
They didn’t.
His mistake: Taking Zoe, someone I consider a sister. I will stop at nothing to get her
back. Even if it means infiltrating a notorious organised crime ring in search of the
faceless ghost who plucked her away.
My mistake: Not expecting him. Julian—the guard surrounded by a shroud of darkness
and mystery. I’m helplessly and dangerously drawn to the man within.
The more I get lost in him, the riskier my mission becomes.
What if Julian is more than a mere guard?
What if he’s related to this man called Ghost?

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My Review

Ghosted is Book #2 in the Team Zero Series by Rina Kent but can be read as a standalone. Although you do NOT have to read Crowed to enjoy Ghosted it does provide a bit of background into Team Zero that will make reading Ghosted more enjoyable!

So after reading Crowed, I thought that I knew what to expect when starting Ghosted and figured they would be somewhat similar, right? WRONG!

This romantic mafia suspense is a gem! Ghosted is told from dual POV so we get an insider into both Ghost and Elle’s thoughts and feelings. The story flowed perfectly and was really well written.

This is Ghost and Elle’s story. 

54415243_424196754983377_7386204062368137216_n (1)

Emmanuelle, A.K.A Elle, is an underground champion boxer who is searching for Zoe, her best friend/ foster sister who went missing after she was working for “Ghost” That’s all Elle has to go after is a name and the location of a brothel house, Le Salon. But she is determined to do whatever she has to, to find her friend.

Ghost and his team are using the brothel as a front to run drugs and other things for the Mafia, all under the instruction of Hades. Ghost is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure the rest of the team members of Team Zero go unharmed but when an intriguing secretive 56877141_10157231848573894_6920107841969717248_oblue-eyed beauty shows up at Le Salon, that control he works so hard for starts to slip.

When Elle first shows up to Le Salon, Ghost doesn’t trust her. He knows that she is hiding something but he just doesn’t know what. So he tells Mist to give her the job, but she is ONLY to serve drinks.

Right from the start Ghost feels possessive over Elle, which is a totally unfamiliar feeling for both of them and it’s not long before the sexual tension between the two starts to heat things up around Le Salon.

“You won’t say ‘I don’t want you near other men’? I thought you would jump all over the opportunity.” “Nah.” His teeth graze my earlobe, then he whispers in a hot, dark tone, “I will kill other men if they come near you.” He would. I have no doubt this fucking crazy caveman would. 

There’s only one problem… as far as Elle knows, the man she’s having all these thoughts and feelings for is Julian. Elle doesn’t know that Ghost IS Julian… the very same man she’s there hunting for information on, the very same man that is supposedly behind Zoe’s disappearance.

What will Elle do when she finds out the man she’s falling for is the man she’s been searching for? Will Elle ever find Zoe?

You’ll have to read Ghosted to find out!


The chemistry between Ghost and Elle is sizzling hot! One of my complaints in my review about Crowed was there just wasn’t enough sexy scenes for me, well let me tell ya Rina Kent delivered on this one!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

“Just give me a chance,” I press. “I will do anything.” His thumb glides from my pulse to my lips. I swallow. Tingles shoot down my spine and settle between my legs. The place where he touches me ignites in a thousand fires. What the hell is this reaction? And is my stupid mouth itching to open for him? I don’t get to decide. Julian parts my lips with his thumb and traces my lower lip in a slow, sensual touch. My legs weaken like I’ve just finished a long run. “Anything is a strong word Firefly. Don’t use it idly.”

The banter between these two, and between the rest of the team, is so funny! It definitely adds a bit of softness to the rough around the edges of Ghost. I love in the beginning when all the strange feelings for Ghost start catching up to Elle and “thoughts” are popping in her head unexpectedly, “what the hell?” Once you read it, you’ll know exactly 56879416_10157231848318894_2838311386461765632_owhat I mean. 

I was so glad that Rina made this book realistic, a lot of times in Mafia books, the hero or whoever gets hurt or shot and “oh it’s no big deal”, umm… what?! No matter who you are, if you take a bullet it’s GOING to freaking hurt and you are GOING to need medical attention! So thank you for that Rina and of course thank you for bringing my sexy ass psycho Aaron Rhodes over to fix Ghost up! 😘

Ghost, freaking swoon! The fierce loyalty to his Team, the rough possessive nature he has with Elle *sigh*, I loved Crow, but after reading Ghost’s story, I’m actually pretty pissed off with him. I understand he had to fake his death and all that but after seeing EVERYTHING that Ghost is trying to do to save the Team Zero members that Hades is still holding, I feel like Crow just forgot that he was supposed to try and help them too, even if it’s behind the scenes. 

“Let me protect you, Firefly. You don’t always have to be strong and put together. You can be weak and bare yourself with me. I would never judge you or use it against you.”

Elle is so fiercely independent but really underneath all of her fierce bravado, she craves a family and someone she can let her guard down with. Julian and Elle have way more in common then either of them thinks. Ghost is the same, that’s why he’s kept Kyle around even though he didn’t want him in the “life”, he craves a family and someone to care about him, and to care for.

“Have I hurt you?” he whispers. He words are genuinely concerned, and that digs a deeper shared into my chest. “You’ve ruined me,” I confess, turning against him and 56627425_10157231848548894_4314478370353053696_oburying my head in his hard chest. It’s pointless to run away anymore. Perhaps I never wanted to. “Good.” He kisses the top of my head long and deep and speaks against my skin, “Because you’ve ruined me, too, Firefly.”

That ending… *sigh* I think that’s exactly how it needed to happen. With Elle being so damn independent, Ghost giving her the choice was just the icing on the cake to why he is such a swoon-worthy son-of-ahhh… yea you know! 😘 I only wish that there was an epilogue, I would have liked to have seen Ghost and Elle a year later, but I’m sure we will see more of them in future Team Zero members stories.

Such a GREAT cast of secondary characters in this one! Shadow has definitely won my heart over. When they watch that video of Zoe… oh gosh. Who doesn’t love a man whose heart has been broken AND who perches on chairs rather than sits on them and uses windows to enter rather than doors?! Lol, I can NOT wait to read Shadow’s story! Oh, and I can’t forget about Scar’s little crazy ass! I can’t wait to watch some alpha lock all her craziness down! Flame, is hilarious, like he literally gives ZERO shits about ANYTHING unless you are burning something down, otherwise “BE QUIET”! Haha, yea needless to say I’m really loving this Team.

Rina Kent is an amazing author and with each new release, the writing is just getting better and better! Ghosted was a wonderful addition to the Team Zero series and I can NOT wait to see what else Rina has in store for the men of Team Zero, not to mention those crazy Rhodes boys!

If you like romantic suspense with a side of gunfights, a sexy possessive alpha anti-hero and an independent, headstrong heroine then give Ghosted a try, you won’t regret it!

5 Stars

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About The Author

Rina Kent

Rina Kent is a lover of suspenseful plots and edgy characters.

She has always been obsessed with romance.52983683_569085560276898_5389113719349313536_o

Storytelling is in her blood. Plotting is her addiction. Flawed and gripping characters are her drug.

She makes it her mission to give them all types of trouble before granting them happy endings.

When not scheming her characters’ fate, Rina manages a hectic schedule divided between studying and living with the most supportive husband and a not-very-supportive cat.

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I voluntarily reviewed an advance complimentary copy of this book.


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