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Judge of Hell, Book #3 in the Hell Night Series by Alex Grayson is LIVE! Check out my review!

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The Hell Night Series

Judge of Hell

Alex Grayson

Genre- Dark, Romance, Suspense, Second Chance

Release Date- April. 4, 2019

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The Hell Night Series continues with Judge’s story…

Fierce, loyal, controlled. Three things Judge became at a young age.

Enduring unimaginable horrors no child should, he swore no person would dictate his or his brother’s lives again.

Revenge fueled him, setting a path destined from the moment he and his brothers escaped their hell. Nothing would stop him from destroying the ones who’d wronged him, even if that meant giving up the only woman to ever make him feel more than the heat of vengeance.

He let Ellie go, threw her away, never knowing the consequences of his actions.

Twelve years later, she reappears in his life, and she has some hellacious secrets of her own. Ones that knock Judge on his ass and threaten his ironclad control.

His life quickly changes course. Priorities are shifted and sacrifices are made. Judge has a decision to make. Will he give up his incessant need for retribution? Or will he sacrifice something he never dreamed he could have, but desperately wants.

Or is it possible to have both?

WARNING: Judge of Hell may contain triggers for some due to mature content, abusive situations, and harsh language

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My Review

WARNING: If you have NOT read the other two books in the series then proceed with caution because my review will contain spoilers from the first two books. There are also triggers, sexual abuse, and assault so if that is a problem for you, please heed the warning.

Judge of Hell is book #3 in the Hell Night Series and picks up from where Bitter Sweet Hell left off, which I’m really happy about I hate when series backtrack. Judge’s story is told from dual POV and even though Judge of Hell ends with a completely happy ending for Ellie and Judge, we still have a MASSIVE cliffhanger that is the lead up to Emo’s story!

Judge of Hell is Ellie and Judge’s story.

Judge along with his brothers (who are not his blood brothers but as close to brothers as they could ever be) went through unimaginable trauma when they were kids. But now 53808782_1333186890153330_752263019383226368_othey are all grown up and have taken back the town that was once their own personal Hell. What was once Sweet Haven and anything but is now called Malus and Judge along with his brothers Trouble, JW, & Emo,  run the town while doling out the type of justice they feel is deserved, protecting the innocents and ridding the world of the evil doers.

 Each person we take out deserves nothing less. They prey upon the weak and destroy lives. They break into homes, rape and beat innocent people. They kidnap them and hold them, hostage, inflicting permanent damage to their minds and bodies. . .

Then one day in walks a face he never thought he’d see again. Ellie, his last serious girlfriend, the girl he thought he was going to marry, the only girl he’s ever given his heart to, walks into his office… and she’s not alone.


She brings along an 11-year-old little girl who shares a striking resemblance to Judge…


Twelve years ago Judge made the decision to let Ellie go. He knew the life that he and his brothers planned to lead wasn’t for her. So instead of explaining anything to her, he broke it off and treated her absolutely awful. Unbeknownst to him, after he did what he did something really, really bad happened to Ellie that same night.

We weren’t together that long, but from the moment I saw him, I thought he was the one. I fell in love with him hard and fast, pictured a future with him. I thought he felt the same.

But, after all these years Ellie needs him. She doesn’t have anyone else to turn to and she will do whatever she has to do, including asking for help from the one man who broke her all those years ago.

Ellie wasn’t the only one emotionally hurt the night I broke things off. It damn near destroyed me. Now that she’s back in my life, there’s not a damn thing that’ll keep me from having her again. And keeping her forever this time.


But low and behold, while Ellie and Judge are getting reacquainted, someone starts hurting the citizens of Malus. Judge and his brothers are determined to find who it is but when the threat reaches a little too close to home… someone is bound to get hurt.

Will Judge help Ellie? Who does Ellie bring with her? Who is hurting the citizens of Malus?

You’ll have to read Judge Of Hell to find out!

Ahh, this series you guys! 😍

I can not get enough of these guys! I could not wait for Judge’s story and now we FINALLY have it! Let me just say that even though this was FAR from what I expected Judge’s story to be and even though I was pretty let down when I realized it was not going to be what I expected, it was still an amazing read.

I’ve always been intrigued by Judge. He’s such an alpha male and with him being the eldest of the brothers it was like he’s always been the older protective big brother of them and the rest of the citizens of Malus.

So, of course, anyone who has read the first two books in the series knows that Judge has had his harem of ladies, just kidding it wasn’t a harem. They all had their own houses and it was 4 ladies… until poor Jenny was murdered.

SO, when I realized that NEITHER of these ladies was going to be the one who got the guy I was a little upset that a whole other heroine was on the scene.

JoH-Teaser-4 (1) (1)BUT my disappointment didn’t last long and because of Ellie showing up I feel like we got a whole new look at Judge- well I did anyway. With the other girls he was caring but he was still closed off, especially to love. That’s not the case when he’s with Ellie and now we get to see the sweet and totally swoon-worthy man that he really is.

Plus, who doesn’t love a good second chance romance?

“I know you still feel it, Ellie. I know I still make your heart pound and your breath hitch. I bet you have butterflies in your belly and shivers racing down your back. You feel the chemistry between us. The same electric pull that was there all those years ago. The same desire that swept through us anytime we were together. Even when we weren’t, all it took was one thought and it consumed us.” I trail a path of kisses up to her jaw and across her cheek. At the corner of her mouth, her lips parted as she pants, I pull back just far enough so I can see her gorgeous eyes. “I know you still feel it, because I still feel it too. It’s not going anywhere, no matter how much you fight it.”

I know some will be upset because Ellie hadn’t been with any other men since Judge but there was a reason she wasn’t. It wasn’t like she was just still hung up on him and THAT’S why she didn’t, she had a very good reason not to want to be with anyone, TWO very good reasons actually…

I gave Judge of Hell 4 stars because even though I enjoyed the book it still bothered me that we didn’t get what we all had been lead to believe Judge’s story was going to be. Plus, by the end of the book Ellie and the other 3 ladies that Judge used to be with are hanging out and friendly… I mean I understand that it’s a small town and all that but still after JoH-Teaser-13Ellie’s reaction when finding out that Judge had been with them, just seemed pretty far fetched that she would just be totally cool with it now.

Plus I guess after reading the connection that he shared with Jenny it was really hard for me to get just forget all about her and connect with Ellie and Judge being together. Until she was murdered I always thought that Judge’s story would be about him and Jenny.

So let me tell you, that ending?!?! OMG, OMG, OMG!

Like I said Judge and Ellie’s story is just coming to an end when BOOM surprise cliffhanger that is also the lead up to Emo’s story! I always, always hoped that it would turn out like that and I’m very, very interested to see how the author explains what happened and why… God poor Emo, I really hope he FINALLY gets at least some peace of mind.

If you like a little murder and suspense along with your second chance romance then Judge of Hell is the book for you! I would recommend reading the series in order though, I would have been pretty lost if I hadn’t!

If you haven’t started this series yet then what are you waiting for? Trust me you will NOT regret it!

This woman is my life. She’s mine to protect, mine to cherish, and mine to worship. I plan on doing that until I take my last breath.

4 1_2 Stars


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About The Author

Alex Grayson

Alex Grayson is the bestselling author of heart-pounding, emotionally gripping contemporary romance including the Jaded Series, the Consumed Series, and two standalone novels.

Alex Grayson Logo.jpgHer passion for books was reignited by a gift from her sister-in-law.

After spending several years as a devoted reader and blogger, Alex decided to write and independently publish her first novel in 2014 (an endeavor that took a little longer than expected).

The rest, as they say, is history.

Originally a southern girl, Alex now lives in Ohio with her husband, two children, two cats, and dog.

She loves the color blue, homemade lasagna, casually browsing real estate, and interacting with her readers.

Visit her website,, or find her on social media!

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