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Cavalieri Della Morte Book #1 Beautifully Brutal by Dani René is LIVE! Check out my review!!

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Cavalieri Della Morte Book #1

Beautifully Brutal

Dani René

Genre: Romantic Suspense, Dark Assasian Romance

Release Date: April. 4, 2019

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In a world ravaged with violence, I still think about the beauty who was taken from me. I’ve turned rabid in her absence. The dormant beast she had tamed is ravenous, feeding on brutality and bloodshed.

I focus on the kill, until Arthur confesses his trump card, shattering every hope I had of reclaiming her. Focused on the job at hand, I step into the lion’s den, only to find nothing is as it seems.

My beast hungers to be satiated.
And my beauty is the only one who can feed it.

A dark treacherous journey where happily ever after may be just out of reach.

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My Review

Beautifully Brutal by Dani René is the first book in the Cavalieri Della Morte Series. I had no idea what to expect when I started this one and OMG, mind = blown! The story its self is really fast paced but pretty well developed and it is definitely an interesting plot!

The story is told from both Lance and Giuliana’s POV with some flashbacks of the beginning of their romance along the way. There is a pretty substantial age difference between the two, 18 years, but besides kissing they don’t do anything sexual until after she turns 18.

Lance Vincent Knight, a dark knight for the Cavalieri Della Morte and Arthur’s right-hand man. Arthur took him in when he was still a child. Initiated into the Cavalieri when he was 18 years old, the BB_Reviewsame day that Arthur gave him his first weapon. Arthur made him the man- the killer that he is today.

Arthur Calthorpe owns New Orleans and is the leader of the Tabella Della Morte an organization of assassins, and he’s the father of Giuliana Calthorpe.

Giuliana Calthorpe was just a girl when she first took notice of Lance Knight. But it wasn’t until her seventeenth birthday that Lance couldn’t resist Giuliana’s beauty anymore and kissed her for the first time.

That day was the beginning of Lance and Giuliana’s downfall. For a while, they snuck around to be with each other until right after Giuliana’s 18th birthday when Arthur finally catches them together. To say that he wasn’t happy would put it lightly. Lance tries to plead his case and admits to being in love with Giuliana but Arthur will hear none of it.

That was the last time Lance sees Giuliana. Arthur snuck her away and unbeknownst to Lance, has hidden her away in a convent, at Our Lady Of Sorrows in San Antonio.56303468_2307286966180143_1810500586970284032_o

That was two years ago. Lance has searched for Giuliana for two years and hasn’t been able to find a trace. It doesn’t help that the people that could help are either on Arthurs payroll or too scared to cross him.

Ever since that day, Lance has been on Arthurs bad side. He sends him to every dangerous mission where chances of survival are low just hoping that someone takes him out. Then one day, Arthur tells him he has another job for him, in San Antonio.

Arthur didn’t get to the position that he is in now without having some plays up his sleeve… he’s a cunning and ruthless man and there is more to this job then what Lance originally expected. But what?

Will Lance finally get his girl back? If he does will Arthur ever let them actually be together? 

Check out Beautifully Brutal for yourself and find out!

“Perhaps we’re just star crossed lovers. And we all know what happened to the last set of forbidden lovers.”

Ahhh this one is sooo hard to write without spoilers!

Lance is such an alpha male, Giuliana calls him a brute quite often and I can’t help but agree with her! But you can’t help but like him, once you get over the hard exterior, there is some sweetness there too, especially when it comes to Giuliana.

I was thirty-six, old enough to know better. But with a single glance at her, I knew I’d never be the same again. They say you can’t choose who you love, and it’s true. I didn’t choose her. It happened —a whirlwind of desire, emotion, and need rocked me to my core. She was forbidden, far too young, but I didn’t care. She begged, and I fucking kneeled at her feet. Even though my life was filled with far too much darkness, she saw right through my cold exterior.

Giuliana is such a fiery and fierce character! She doesn’t take her father or Lance’s shit and I love that about her! She gives just as good as she gets and even though she’s young, she knows what she wants and is willing to fight for it.

“Was I a fucking prize for you just to piss my father off?” My venomous words cause him to wince, or perhaps it’s how hard I pushed him, but I don’t care . Not right now. “Are you happy now? That you took the one thing I saved for you? That’s all you wanted, wasn’t it?” My tiny fists slam into the mattress, and I’m on my feet pulling up the shorts I was wearing earlier. “Listen to me, baby girl—”“No, I’m not your fucking baby girl, Lance. I’m a grown woman, and I’m sick of men playing with my life, with my heart. I’m not a little girl anymore.”

I really wasn’t expecting that ending, but with the world she has grown up in and of course, who the man she’s in love with is, I can’t say I’m surprised that’s what she’s chosen to do.

This is just the beginning of this series and I can NOT wait to see where the rest of the men of the Cavalieri Della Morte take us! If Beautifully Brutal with all its twists and turns and scheming is any indication of how the rest of this series will play out, then I’m hooked!

If you like romantic suspense, with some sexy af assassins doing what they do best, along with a few heartfelt moments, and a sassy kick-ass heroine, then Beautifully Brutal is the book for you!

5 Stars


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About The Author of Beautifully Brutal

Dani René

Dani is an international bestselling author of a mix of various genres, from romantic Dani Rene Logo.jpgsuspense to dark erotic romance and even BDSM romance.

She loves to delve into the raw, emotional journeys her characters venture on, and enjoys the dark, edgy, and sensual scenes that fill the pages of her books.

Dani’s stories are seductive with a deviant edge with feisty heroines and dominant alphas.

Dani lives in the beautiful city of Cape Town and is a proud member of the Romance Writer’s Organization of South Africa (ROSA) and the Romance Writers of America (RWA).

She has a healthy addiction to reading, TV series, music, tattoos, chocolate, and ice cream.

Website|Facebook|FB Reader Group|Instagram|Goodreads|Amazon Author Page



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