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Title: Worship
Series: Sinful #2
Author: Trilina Pucci
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: March 3, 2019




Book Two,
in A Sinful Series, brings you an intense, taboo love story, and an even hotter
ALPHA. Meet Luca King— broody, powerful and a man who’s never refused.
There are
only two reasons a man falls to his knees: prayer and pussy. 


And I sure as hell don’t pray.

But for this woman, I’d fall on my knees to worship every single, gorgeous part
of her body.


And claim her as mine, 


knowing I shouldn’t want to keep her.
Because we’re all wrong, too complicated, too explosive….too sinful.
I want what I can’t have.
But I’ll take it anyway because Gretchen Andrews has done the one thing my wife
never could….she’s made me love her.



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Luca’s hand
pulls away from my chin, and he takes my glass, putting it on the
“How I see
it is you need to stop assuming the worst and trust me to care for you,
and the only way for us to do that is to make sure you get what you
need, over and over, until you take it for granted.” 
talking about more than just sex, even though I love the “over and over” part.
I didn’t trust him; I prolonged this moment as much as his
stubbornness did. But I did it by way of mistrust, assuming he wouldn’t do
what we both needed.
“So, you
want to teach me a lesson in trust?” 
The desire
in my voice gives away my readiness. 
He nods.  
“I paid
a helluva price almost losing you. What price should you pay for not
trusting me? Huh?” 
The tumbler
he’s holding runs up my leg, and I can feel the coolness through my jeans. Luca
leans close to my cheek and whispers, “Choose your fate. Do
you want to be fucked or loved, Angel?”
I close my
eyes, knowing they aren’t mutually exclusive, but for us, they have very
specific meanings. He knows I need the connection between us, the aggression
and anger we’ve both felt to play about in the sheets. 
His breath
is warm against my skin as he keeps whispering. 
“Maybe we
play your favorite game, Angel. I’ll hunt you…here.” 
He brings
the glass between my legs and runs it up, rolling it over where my clit is
throbbing. My breath hitches. 
“Do you
trust me?” he asks seductively. 
He sets his
drink down and begins to gather my T-shirt, tugging it up. 
I look
around, worried about being caught. 
“Luca, someone
could catch us. The wall is all glass.” 
The minute
I say it, I know I failed my lesson. Luca doesn’t stop or change expression as
he pulls my shirt up and over my head, leaving me exposed in just my bra. 
“Take them
off, or I will,” he directs in his deep
gravel, indicating my jeans. 
I’m not a
submissive girl. But when he does this, gets sexually dominant, I feel
understood. I’m a powerful woman, and I need a man who can
handle me, break me, and make me feel devoured. Luca was made for me. He
crosses his arms over his chest. 
“The longer
I wait, the longer you wait to come. Get ’em off,” he
growls. Holy hell, I’m wet. Rough Luca is my favorite
I reach
slowly for my button and pull it open, challenging his
patience by lowering the zipper only a fraction. 
“You know,
I’m not wearing underwear,” I lie. 
The thought
of being fucked out here where someone could catch us makes
me nervous, even if I’m supposed to trust him. 
“When I
pull off these jeans, everyone will see what’s yours…you sure you want to
share?” My voice is a purr, and he bites his lip, gripping his bulge. 
I know I’ve
won. No fucking way is he willing to share me with prying eyes. 
Right as I
feel victorious, Luca shakes his head and says, “So fucking
stubborn,” then grabs me by the waistband of my
jeans and jerks me forward. 
“Luca!” I
yelp and laugh. 
He pushes
his hand down the front of my jeans, and I gasp, silenced. Grabbing my
tiny lace G-string, along with the few hairs I have down below, he tugs me
closer, and the sensation makes my pussy slick with need. 
My back
arches from being pulled forward. 
liar,” he whispers knowingly, and I whimper. 
grips my body as his hold tightens. 
definitely need a lesson in trust. Maybe I’ll take it out on your ass or maybe
in your ass. Here’s the game, baby: I catch you, I pick.” 
His hand
retreats as he takes a step away from me. 
breathless. My entire body is on fire. This man speaks to every filthy fucking
piece of me. 
“What’s the
second choice? What if you don’t catch me?” I ask hungrily.
slow smile grows on his gorgeous face. Luca takes out his phone from his pocket
and presses a button, laughing to himself. 
The light
that glowed from inside the house begins to fade as heavy black shades roll
down, and I hear a click as the door locks. He was never going to let
me be seen. But now, I’m on my own.
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Author Bio
Trilina is an author, wife, and mama to three rowdy kiddos. When she
isn’t making grilled cheese sandwiches, she can be found writing saucy novels
that titillate and excite her readers.
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