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My Review of Traces Of Her by C.M Radcliff

Traces Of Her

By: C.M Radcliff

Genre: Dark Romance



I am a ghost,
a captive stripped of my own identity.
I’ve lived in solitude in the depths of hell until the devil appeared, pulling me out of the darkness and shoving me into the arms of my new prison.
But sometimes a prison becomes a home.
And sometimes that home is within the heart of a man.

I have a debt to pay and my brother’s collecting.
He makes the messes and I deal with the aftermath. Only this time, he went too far and took something that wasn’t his and now it’s my problem.
She’s a liability and the last thing I need.
She’s an enigma and she’s everything I need.

Our separate hells brought us together.
Our personal inferno molded us into one.
The devil reappeared and tore us apart.
I will turn this world upside down until I find her.


My Review:

Stars: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Wow! I devoured this book in one sitting! I think you could read as a standalone but to really understand the full story and get the whole experience, it’s definitely recommended to read the duet novels, When Darkness Consumes & Returned To The Light (which are also two absolutely jaw-dropping books!)

Traces of Her focuses on Griffin & Rowena. These two have both been through so, so much! Ro has had her whole identity stripped from her and she’s left a shell of her self. Griff, he’s loyal to a fault and he’s done some questionable things in his life for his psycho brother Jared out of those loyalties but Jared has gone to far this time and Griff has had enough of his crap (finally!) If you’ve read the duet novels you should already know where I’m going with this and you’ll finally get to understand the story of the “ghost girl”, if you haven’t, then first of all I suggest you go and get them now, seriously right now and then come back and grab this one!

This book was everything I needed to get the complete story and answer questions I still had after reading the duet. Griff had caught my eye a lot before and reading this I fell for him even more, the love he and Ro share is truly one for the history books. He would do absolutely anything for her, even if it means giving his life for hers.

Sheesh, I’m on total book hangover mode right now…thanks C.M Radcliff for another dark and disturbed (but yet somehow still a love story) book! Lol

*I received an ARC copy of Traces Of Her for my honest review.

About The Author:

C.M Radcliff




C.M. Radcliff lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two demon children. Known as the Psycho Queen, she speaks fluent sarcasm, dark humor, and has the mouth of a sailor. If she isn’t reading or writing, she’s probably on an adventure with her little family.

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Check out my reviews of C.M Radcliff’s duet novels, When Darkness Consumes and Returned To The Light.






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